Gina Yarrish had what most would believe to be a dream life. She had a successful real estate business, a loving husband and a wonderful family. But at the young age of 35, she was wheeled into the hospital for a heart cauterization. Suddenly, life wasn’t a dream anymore. It became a living nightmare. After experiencing this terrifying health scare, Gina began to realize that she wasn’t in control of her own life. It was controlling her. Gina wanted to live debt-free with more opportunities to be with her family and to travel around the world. She needed time to breathe and to be able to love what she created. She needed peace.

Gina’s path toward a more peaceful, dream life began when she met a horse named Zeus. The answers that she didn’t know she was looking for suddenly emerged. Gina learned to be present, to be still and to listen. She learned to love herself and to go after her desires.

In her bestselling book, Gina reveals the easy-to-follow steps to discover your own Purpose, Power and Peace. Life doesn’t have to spin out of control. It is possible to learn to harness, and design the lifestyle that you want to attract.

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