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I believe a great leader first and foremost MUST work on themselves, be self-aware of one’s own actions, reactions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and learn how to improve them. 


Cognitive skills like big picture thinking and long-term visions are important but knowing how to: 

  • communicate what you need
  • patience to listen
  • respond and motive yourself and others
  • social skills 
  • regulate your own thoughts, emotions and reactions. 


How you show up directly impacts everything around you without using words. 

That’s right, no words, just through body language.

High achievers need support that can drive outstanding and effective performance while keeping aligned and balanced with emotional intelligence.  You can have the best of education, knowledge, resources, smart ideas, and training but it doesn’t make a great leader. In fact, without emotional strengths, it wreaks havoc mentally, and will diminish your health. 


Driving performance while regulating emotional intelligence is what all leaders need unfortunately so many training programs intend to build leadership skills but fail and are a huge waste of time and money. The problem I see is in most training focuses on the wrong part of the brain, the neocortex. This part of the brain governs ones analytical and technical abilities. Its where concepts and logic are. 


Emotional intelligence govern one’s feelings, impulses, and is the driving force. This comes from the limbic system. Research indicated that limbic learning programs best learned the experiences, extended practice and feedback. This is where you break old behavioral patterns and with the right training and install new ones. 


What makes our programs so powerful is we work with the limbic part of the brain and the neocortex through interactive, experiential sessions that are done through nonverbal communication that activates new thinking, new awareness and new you! 

After becoming a certified practitioner of equine coaching (Equine Assisted Learning), and incorporating these 4 core steps into my life and in my bestselling book Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace, I went further, faster with less effort. But this was not always the case…

For many years, I struggled with daily stress that held me back from reaching my dreams. I tried with no luck to release my stress, using traditional methods recommended to me by experts. Instead, I found that I still couldn’t properly manage these emotions. Eventually, this came at a very high cost. I lost clients and spent countless hours on meaningless tasks. I feared rejection, which only created more frustration and even more stress.

When business plateaus, your common response would be to resort to old patterns of behavior that are addictive. This is your comfort zone, because it is familiar to you. Sticking to what you already know will only cause you to work harder and longer. Along the way, I’ve discovered that releasing stress is not always enough. It’s what you need to know in order to better manage it, and who can help you reach your highest potential.

About Gina Yarrish

Founder of the Horse Assisted Learning company, Yarcort

Creator of the Focus Forward Technique™

Known by her peers and clients as The Accelerator Coach

Best-selling author, Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace

Skilled in life coaching, Equine (Horse) Experiential education, psychotherapy, and neuroscience

Yarcort is The Simple Solution to Stress and Anxiety. We’re a growing community of High Achieving leaders worldwide on a mission to help regulate stress and anxiety, so that people can achieve work life balance.



Come and experience first-hand what everyone sees that you can’t through horse assisted learning in a safe environment. A place you can just be you. A place you can verbalize thoughts to gain clarity and not be judged but rather encouraged. 

The experience is heartwarming and on the top of mountains in north eastern Pennsylvania surrounded by serenity. Come prepared to laugh, play and learn. 

Your transformational life package $997.00

This Program is a Fit for you IF:

You KNOW that you’re being held back by the day to day stress of business is causing you to procrastinate
You KNOW that you’re facing challenges and have tried to solve them on your own through self development, with no success.
You KNOW you can do so much better and help more people.

Have you ever felt that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you?

I’ve experienced this fear too, and I can promise that it is not true. You just haven’t found the level of knowledge that will help you reach the depth of your desires. The good news is, we have the solution that you’ve been searching for. First, you must choose to make an investment in yourself, your future and in your business.

Still not convinced? Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth…


- Amy

“[Working with Gina] I went from charging my clients $100 to $7500 in 6 months”

- Amy

“[Working with Gina] I went from charging my clients $100 to $7500 in 6 months”

- MC Stockl

"Gina has a real talent for pushing you beyond your comfort zone, but in a good way… the horses and the facilities are excellent."

- Carl

“My revenue doubled in 90 days after working with Gina and her team.”

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