Accelerate Your Business

Accelerate your Business. (At Home)

It’s too hard to leave home at the moment but you know you need help selling your service or product. Your working harder and harder with less results. This is an 8 week webinar self paced program that is the core foundation to your business that often gets missed. It will teach you to talk with confidence and form value, how to reverse engineer a plan that releases stress and pressure, techniques to network and closing clients so it’s not pushy and all about sales, and more. Each week is a “Live Recording” so you hear from Gina herself and clients she’s work with. Click below to learn more!




Accelerate Your Business “LIVE” : (Arena)

You realize you have all the tools, techniques and know how but is not as easy to sell as you thought. You’ve followed the advice of experts who told you all the traditional methods to business and selling and it’s not working. What our head says may not be what your body it saying. There may be thoughts like doubt, frustrations that are showing up, possible fear of rejections or even lack an ability to close clients and so you rather wait for them to come to you and there not. 

This is a 2 day program that works through the stress and anxiety in selling, refocuses thoughts, beliefs and actions to generate new results will less tension. These two days you will release tensions, learning new techniques to move the dial in selling, connect to your body language so it expressed with confidence, gain tools to minimize stress but rather pull you forward to new results daily. 

AYB Live