I believe a great leader first and foremost MUST work on themselves, be self-aware of one's own actions, reactions, thoughts, behaviors and beliefs and learn how to improve them.

Our Courses

Gain confidence, change more lives through your services, and create a business and life you love. Our courses are designed to give you all the systems, processes, and experience you need to reduce the amount of time and energy you spend working in your business so you can focus on strategic growth and Achieve work/life balance.

We do this by using one Technique.....


The Focus Forward Technique™

Yarcort's #1 tool to the Simple Solution to Stress and Anxiety  is our Focus Forward Technique™. Through Equine (horse) Assisted Learning (EAL), we help High Achieving Leaders think beyond what they currently know. EAL is a unique, hands-on experience that shifts your current mindset from problems, which create stress, to finding solutions and getting results that align to achieve work/life balance.

What Makes Us Different:

our programs are powerful because we work with the limbic part of the brain and the neocortex through interactive, experiential sessions that are done through nonverbal communication that activates new thinking, new awareness and new you! 

We are an unconventional way of learning. Meaning Learning by doing.

A place you can just be you.

A place you can verbalize thoughts to gain clarity and not be judged but rather encouraged. 

We Guarantee 100% Change.

About Yarcort & Gina Yarrish


Founder of the Horse Assisted Learning company, Yarcort

Creator of the Focus Forward Technique™

Known by her peers and clients as The Accelerator Coach

Best-selling author, Harness Your Purpose, Power & Peace

Skilled in life coaching, Equine (Horse) Experiential education, psychotherapy, and neuroscience

Yarcort is The Simple Solution to Stress and Anxiety. We're a growing community of High Achieving leaders worldwide on a mission to help regulate stress and anxiety, so that people can achieve work life balance.